United Nations COPUOS Side Event “Space ecosystem building in emerging space countries”

During the 64th UN COPUOS session on 3rd September 2021, we held an official side event themed „Space ecosystem building in emerging space countries“ together with our partners from ASD Eurospace and ESPI. This online roundtable was focused on supporting emerging space countries in sharing valuable information and experience regarding scaling up their national space… Read More »United Nations COPUOS Side...

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V4 Conference 2021 “Earth Observations for citizens and the planet”

On 29 June 2021 a webinar “Earth Observations for citizens and the planet – V4 perspective on R&I contributions to the Copernicus programme” took place as an annual V4 Conference 2021 organised by the Polish Science Contact Agency of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PolSCA) together with Czech Liaison Office for Education and Research (CZELO), National Research, Development and Innovation… Read More »V4 Conference 2021 “Earth...

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SARIO part of the Slovak Space Office

SARIO has become a part of the Slovak Space Office – a joint project with the Ministry of Education, Science, Research, and Sports of the Slovak Republic. The Slovak Space Office consists of two components. The Ministry of Education will be responsible for inter-ministerial political coordination and multilateral international cooperation (European Space Agency – ESA,… Read More »SARIO part of the...

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