Slovak companies and research and development institutions can participate in ESA – European Space Agency tenders. To view these prompts, you need to register with the ESA STAR Registration System.

The Slovak Republic has been a member of the European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) since 2006. EUMETSAT calls (so-called Invitation To Tender) are open to Slovak entities. It is necessary to create a profile in the EUMITS tender system to participate in the projects mentioned below.

Further references on existing opportunities for Slovak entities are listed below.

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Klaster 4: Digitalizácia, priemysel a vesmír v rámci programu Horizont Európa

V rámci oblasti Klaster 4: Digitalizácia, priemysel a vesmír sa výzvy orientujú na výskum a inovácie v konkrétnych určených témach, ktoré sú zverejnené v pracovnom programe pre Klaster 4 – aktuálne na roky 2023 až 2024 (link na pracovný program, ktorý obsahuje konkrétne témy ). V rámci pracovného programu Klastra 4 je oblasť vesmír v časti Destination 5: Open Strategic Autonomy in Developing, Deploying and Using Global Space-Based Infrastructures, Services, Applications and Data a v časti Other actions (výzvy EUSPA).

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